Shipping Updates

Updated on 04/25/2022:

**Our tech is down prohibiting mass email sending and should be fixed by the end of the week. Here are updates we’d prepared to send via email:

-Coloring books are finally in!! We apologize that they weren’t in the Feb box as planned.

Many small businesses including a few of our vendors have experienced unforeseen printing, and shipping delays. They will be included in May’s box.

-The remainder of Mystery Book dates will ship this week.

-Educator Bundles ship the first week of May

-BANNED Book box subscriptions are OPEN (shipping in June)


Updated on 03/06/2022:

Revolutionary Educator Bundles and Book Nook orders have shipped.

Tracking updates should be visible by later today

***BANNED book boxes ship March 25th

Updated on 03/04/2022:

Any book nook or book pre-orders made this past week are shipping this weekend.

Revolutionary Educator bundles are also shipping this weekend. If you purchased an Educator bundle and any books, they will ship together in one package.

BANNED book boxes will ship March 25th

Coloring books that were back ordered for Feb book boxes will ship within the next week - sorry for the delay!


Updated on 02/20/2022:

Tracking numbers have been emailed for February book boxes. Updated transit information should be visible by tomorrow evening. Packages range between 1-4 day arrivals

Updated on 02/16/2022:

Boxes are being packaged and still on schedule to ship next week!

Revolutionary Educator bundles will ship March 5th

Revolutionary BANNED Book Boxes will ship in mid-March

Updated on 02/09/2022:

Tracking numbers for any Mystery Genre book dates and Book Nook orders have been emailed. They will be dropped off within the next hour (current time is 10:35am EST).

Please allow 24hrs for tracking to be updated. All packages have 2-3 day shipping estimates. 

Tee orders are made to order and manufactured by our vendor. Processing can take between 7-10 days. We anticipate shipping tee orders made within the last week, by next week. Email updates will be sent. 


Updated on 01/27/2022:

Tracking numbers for Jan book orders and tee orders were just emailed! We had a few behind the scenes delays and are grateful for your patience. Please allow 24hrs for tracking to be updated. All packages have 2-3 day shipping estimates. 

Updated on 01/21/2022:

Tees will be delivered to us tomorrow, thank you for your patience! All tee and book orders will ship this week, tracking emails will be sent within the next few days. Shipping update emails have also been sent.

Updated on 01/20/2022:

After a few unexpected delays with vendor shipments, the last wave of 1619 Books will be ship this coming week. All Book Nook orders will ship this week as well. We apologize for delays and appreciate your patience!

Updated on 01/05/2022:

1619 Project Bundles have shipped! Deliveries are expected to be completed this coming week

Any orders placed between Dec 23rd and Jan. 2nd have shipped.

We have inclement weather in Maryland (snow on/off for the past few days) that may or may not effect delivery dates. Please keep this in mind.

Updated on 11/24/2021:

1619 Project Bundles: the remaining orders are shipping today with 1-2 shipping labels. Emails are being sent today, tracking info should be visible within 24 hours.

This will conclude all shipments of orders made through 11/23/2021. 

Updated on 11/23/2021: 

November Box: All packages were staggered in shipping between 11/17 and 11/20. Quite a few packages have delivered,  but a bulk have the ETA date of today, with a few arriving on Friday.  We apologize for delays - this is common due to influx in holiday shipping. All packages were labeled for 1 -3 day shipping so there is seeming to be a 1-2 day due to the season. 

1619 Bundle & Other orders: If you ordered your 1619 bundle BEFORE its pub day (11/17) it has already shipped. Any orders placed on or after 11/18 will ship this week.

Thank you so much for your patience this quarter!!

Updated on 11/3/20201: 

After experiencing shipment issues with a few vendors we are FINALLY sending tracking numbers for any orders of our Black Boy Joy box, t-shirts, This is Our Rainbow book, Girls with Guts box and September Parent BOTM. We thank everyone for your patience and understanding. Its been a hectic few months attempting to re-route our shipments (and re-order books) but we made it through our first hectic quarter. We have decided to utilize UPS for shipments as their holiday season hasn't kicked off yet. 

Holiday box tracking numbers will be emailed by Nov. 18th.

Per emails and social media transparency, we delayed shipment for the holiday box so we could prioritize outstanding orders from Sept/Oct.


Updated on 8/20/20201: 

We are doing everything we can to plan even further in advance to help decrease shipping delays. Due to anticipation that some of our upcoming holiday boxes may be delayed due to high volume USPS shipments - we are looking into utilizing UPS . We will communicate a finalized decision very soon. If you have any additional questions about anything please don't hesitate to reach us at

We pride ourselves in responding quickly and providing resolve for any issues that may arise.


U.S. Shipping Updates

We wanted to let you know that in these unprecedented times we have seen customers experiencing delivery delays, despite our boxes being shipped via priority mail. USPS has been overwhelmed with packages this year due to COVID and many packages are arriving late. We’ve also noticed tracking information is often updated sporadically or not at all, but packages still arrive. This is an issue nationwide and all businesses are being affected.

Thank you all so much for your patience and support! We feel so grateful to be able to send you these amazing titles and items in the mail. We are also grateful you are choosing to support a small business, a black family owned business -  and we hope these packages bring you joy and the diversity access you are searching for.

We're all in this together! Stay safe, and happy reading!