About Our Brand

What is the Reading Revolutionaries brand?

Reading Revolutionaries is a subscription gift box centering diverse picture books, middle-grade books, and YA (Young Adult fiction) books from a variety of genres.

Our Mission is a Matter of the Heart

Reading is a revolutionary act!
This human right has been a punishable offense for marginalized peoples in many spaces of history. It’s a celebration anytime a book is opened! Reading ignites open-mindedness and furthers education on so many things. These are key factors in changing the world, promoting unity and multi-cultural visibility.

As literacy and multicultural education advocates, we are building a community of avid readers who will continue to grow into the future trailblazers and
change-makers in our world.

There is a book out there for every child.
 We have a subscription box curated specifically to motivate reluctant readers to explore more books at their own pace, choosing titles that will pique their interest and literary curiosity. 

Who is Reading Revolutionaries for?


Anyone who reads is a revolutionary.

Our community isn’t exclusive in any form. We highlight marginalized and other under-represented communities because all youth deserve to be seen. There has always been a lack of diversity in books for youth mostly because these books fly under the radar or don’t receive a deserved acknowledgment.

Reading Revolutionaries boxes can be well-loved by and expand the perspectives and imagination of all readers. 

We believe youth exposure to diverse stories, experiences and perspectives promotes respect and empathy for differences and all groups of people. 


As parents, we prioritize representation and are intentional in exposing our children to diverse books. As a bibliophile and educator, reading is my passion. The library was Amber's second home as a child and is one of our favorite places to visit as a family. Reading is a revolutionary act. It has punishable act in many spaces in history. We believe it is a human right to have access to books. When we have access to books, we have access to education. Reading expands perspectives and initiates change. Amber reflected more on these sentiments in quarantine when her avid reading increased; with family support Reading Revolutionaries bloomed into fruition.
We believe all children are readers if they find the right book for them. Our eldest child is an interested but hesitant reader, and the quest to boost his enthusiasm for trying chapter books also propelled us to cultivate this business.
We also believe diverse reading promotes the awareness and empathy we so desperately need in the world.
We hope through Reading Revolutionaries access to diverse characters, authors and themes are more expansive.  
Much Love,