About Us

Our Mission is a Matter of the Heart

Who is Reading Revolutionaries for?


Anyone who reads is a revolutionary.

Our community isn’t exclusive in any form. We highlight marginalized and other under-represented communities because all youth deserve to be seen. There has always been a lack of diversity in books for youth mostly because these books fly under the radar or don’t receive a deserved acknowledgment.

Reading Revolutionaries boxes can be well-loved by and expand the perspectives and imagination of all readers. 

It has been proven youth exposure to diverse stories, experiences and perspectives promotes respect and empathy for differences and all groups of people. 

An actionable step in co-conspirator ship and in being able to stand up against book banning is reading the books- then using your voice.

Our brand doesnt just pick randomly books with diverse rep and ship them to folks:

We build relationship with schools to expand inclusivity of Lit in classrooms

We assist with Equity PD trainings at the Elem school level

We build relationship with community centers and donate books and subscriptions

We provide resources and “do the work” door openings for anti-racist homeschoolers, unschoolers , parents and village leaders.

We go beneath the surface of representation because the nuance of identity is important (as is understanding all rep isnt good rep).

Our brand assists with the blooming anti-racist adults so they can positively impact the blooming of anti-racist children.

Solely buying diverse books is basic allyship.
We are expanding the community of co-conspirators.

We are doing this work because books save lives.

Education activism exists within and outside of schools. 
Photo: Amber Oliver, daughter, and Sarah Ryan, Community Coordinator at the Annapolis Homeless Prevention center

As parents of 3 (ages 10, 3 and 1), we prioritize representation and are intentional in exposing our children to diverse books from birth. Every children should see themselves and others in books. We know how it feels to have lack of access or awareness of books and brands that included us in the story.

We believe all children are readers if they find the right book for them. Our eldest child is an interested but hesitant reader, and the quest to boost his enthusiasm for trying chapter books also propelled us to cultivate this business.
We started our brand with intention to build community with village leaders (parents, caretakers and educators) who prioritize anti-bias/racist education, or who are making the initial first steps of allyship and want to diversify their shelves. We take pride in consistently celebrating the reality of our diverse world through the exploration of books. 

We look forward to being in community with you!
Amber is also a Afro-Diasporic Literary Curator,
Educator, and assists with public school Equity trainings 
Much Love,